Over the past 5 years The Gifted has worked with 4,000 children and young people. 

37% of the young people we work with have low educational attainment, 35% were not in education, training or employment, 23% had been excluded from school, 21% were in receipt of free school meals, 16% had a mental health issue, 10% were known to be involved in substance misuse

23unemployed young people aged 18- 24 have now commenced traineeships, apprenticeships or employment after taking part in our programmes.

As a result of taking part in our programmes: 

·      97% learnt a new a skill 

·      83% felt more confident 

·      74% said their speaking and listening skills had improved

·      70% were less likely to take part in risk behaviour

·      55% said that their attitude and/or behaviour had improved