“Reality Check helped me control all my swearing and think about how I behave. My attitude has improved loads.” L, 16

Reality check uses interactive workshops and podcasting to engage with young people to help improve their behaviour, attitudes and raise attainment. It enables young people to look at their current behaviours and give themselves a ‘reality check.’

Reality Check is delivered as a specialist six-session program or through 1-2-1 coaching/mentoring for those requiring specialist support.

The project uses engaging techniques to enable young people to think about the consequences and risks associated with the choices that they make. The interactive workshops enable young people to explore their behaviour and attitudes, why they do the things they do and how they can make changes. Interactive workshops cover a range of topics.

As a result of taking part:

  • 87% said they feel more excited about their futures
  • 70% said that their attitude and/or behaviour had improved
  • 68% feel more confident in seeking advise or asking for help

“I didn’t care before, I was rude to the teachers and my parents, but taking part in Reality Check has made me check myself and my attitude.”

R, 15

“I’ve definitely seen a positive change in the behaviour of the students that took part in this programme.”

Teacher, St Mary’s School